Any brand strongly depends on its online presence to acquire and retain customers, and eventually drive sales. While an organic market strategy is fruitful in building up your brand. Ads support and robust Marketing are also needed to make your brand a great success. Companies should analyze all their requirements and plan Marketing Campaigns accordingly. There are many prominent Ads tools and services available in the market. It’s a tough and time-consuming job to choose one advertising tool like, which one is better between Taboola vs Google Ads and similarly many others. 

Google Ads and Taboola are two prominent online Marketing platforms that businesses have been popularly using. Google Ads is an online Ads Marketing tool that helps users to show Ads on search engines and other websites. Similarly, Taboola provides grid Ads over the websites and delivers content recommendations. How different or similar are these?

Read ahead to understand the key features of Taboola vs Google Ads and an aspect-wise comparison of the two to make your pick. You will also read about major challenges commonly faced while working with Taboola and Google Ads, and how you could cope with them. After going through this article you will gather enough knowledge to deduce between Taboola vs Google Ads for your company.

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Introduction to Google Ads

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Google Ads is an online advertising platform that falls under the category of paid Marketing known as PPC (pay-per-click). It is an online Marketing technique where the advertiser pays an amount based on Ads clicks to the advertising platform. Here, in Google Ads, the advertiser needs to pay per click to Google. It is an effective technique that can increase your sales and brand awareness. On any Google platform like Youtube, Blogs, Google Maps, your Ads will be displayed. You need to add your products or services along with the Ads. Once the Ads are displayed, it redirects viewers to the desired page if they like your offerings and clicks on Ads. 

With the help of Google Ads, you can drive quality website traffic, generate more leads, and receive maximum views at your online store. You can create Ads on Desktop or mobile devices. When your target audience searches for services or products, these Ads will pop up at Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Simultaneously, Google Ads helps you to improve your Ads so that you can achieve business goals. It analyzes your paid Ads Campaign and reviews it, suggesting changes that can increase the conversion rate. 

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The size of the business doesn’t matter; what matters is how paid Marketing is pocket-friendly? Google Ads provides feasibility to choose your paid Marketing plan as per your budget. You are free to choose either a weekly or monthly plan. The best part is at any point in time; you can stop or pause Ads spend. 

Are you still doubting if Google Ads is effective? These are some reasons that can clear the air:

Key Features of Google Ads

The fact is that Google generates millions of search queries in a day. It means it has comprehensive resources and can drive more traffic. Using Google Ads for advertising has multiple benefits. Advertisers make a minimum of 8 USD a day, spending only 1 USD on Ads. Thus, with Google Ads, you can increase ROI with optimized Marketing Campaigns. A few features of Google Ads are listed below:

  • Adjustable Bidding
    As per your budget, you can decide on bidding as well as adjusting the Ads. Depending upon the nature of the viewers, like age, gender, location, and time you can decide on increasing or decreasing bids. Google Ads has features bid adjustments, where you have the flexibility to adjust bids based on the interaction of people in the previous activities. 
    Based on the previous users, you can analyze which products show high user interaction and conversion rate. Accordingly, you can change the Ads spend to winning products. 
  • Flexible Campaign Settings
    In Google Ads, you can set your Ads Campaigns as per your convenience. Several types of Ads Campaigns are available that you can use for advertising your products or services. You can either launch Search Ads Campaigns or video Campaigns for your business. Google Ads supports Ads schedule which means you can schedule Ads in the calendar. 
  • Ads Targeting
    Google Ads features Ads targeting where you can run Ads Campaigns as per your audience’s demographics. You can select the target device option while running the Ads. For example, you can choose whether your Ads must be displayed on mobile phones, Tablets, or Desktops.

To learn more about Google Ads, click here.

Introduction to Taboola

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Taboola is an online Marketing tool used by advertisers for growing their businesses. It has a vast expansion with daily new users getting added to increase their ROI. Its reach is on every available website, and the approximate target is 1.4 million users each month. It is recommended for Native Ads Marketing. Primarily, startups willing to boost their business or Native Marketers can approach Taboola as an effective advertising tool. 

You can use Taboola for driving quality traffic on your website and generate leads. It is a promising channel to achieve your business goals with defined in-product guidelines, merge reports, and monitor Ads.

Taboola Dashboard
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The tagline of Taboola says, “Content You May Like”. You can attract quality readers through their website. Taboola is beneficial for advertisers as well as publishers. The advertiser pays an appropriate amount to the platform for displaying the Ads. It publishes Ads at the top or bottom of the blogs. 

Confused about whether or not Taboola is adequate for your business? Here are some reasons that help to depict accurate insights for a rising business:

  • A total of 10000 brands work with Taboola, which includes publishers and advertisers.
  • As per research, 44.5% of the world’s population looks at the published Ads.
  • Out of such a large number, 1783 leads are generated. Most of the enterprises prefer Taboola for content curation and advertising.

Key Features of Taboola

Taboola has multiple features that are beneficial for businesses. You can check out the activity dashboards, track your Analytics, build your ROI, and many other features in the list. These are some reasons why you should use Taboola for your business growth with a multitude of features: 

  • Tracking your Analytics
    The Taboola has an excellent feature of tracking the activities taking place on your Ads. The suitable element used to track Analytics is Conversion Tracking. In Conversion Tracking, you can estimate the user’s action on your products or designs. You can avail track of various events followed by the action performed for each user. You can analyze your Taboola Analytics by sharing accurate results. The actions taken by the viewers are website conversions, website actions, or through App installation, etc. 
  • Taboola Dashboard
    The Taboola has a user-friendly user interface with improved navigation. It’s easy to generate reports through which you can analyze the data. An effective interface has an uploading feature where you can upload creative assets for the Ads Campaigns. The in-product guidelines suggest improvements required for improving the Ads Campaign. 
  • Increase your Volume Click
    After running your Ads Campaign, if you get accurate results and are willing to increase the volume of clicks, you can refer below:
    • CPC: CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click; this technique is preferred for increasing your volume click-in, which will make your Taboola network more competitive and generate more leads based on clicks. 
    • CTR: In this technique, you can create a competitive environment on Taboola that will increase leads depending upon the volume of clicks. You can add more items to the Campaign, including thumbnails and your landing pages. 
    • CPA: CPA stands for Cost Per Action; in this technique, you will get more precise insights about the Ads Campaigns and volume of clicks you need to build more significant ROI. You can use this technique to increase your purchase rate, E-Mail sign-ups, or any other components to achieve your business goals.  

Therefore, Taboola grants a distinct way to optimize your Campaigns, increase leads and drive quality traffic to your landing pages. 

To learn more about Taboola, click here.

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Factors that Drive the Taboola vs Google Ads Decision

Taboola vs Google Ads comparison
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Google Ads and Taboola Ads are effective paid Ads techniques that businesses can use to drive more traffic and generate ROI. To differentiate and decide between Google Ads vs Taboola, let’s glance through this comparative analysis:

1) Taboola vs Google Ads: Features

The features are the main thing that anybody looks for, in any product or service. Both the Ads tools contain many features. Some of them are listed below:

Taboola serves features listed below:

  • Reporting
  • Targeting
  • Reaches Massive Audiences
  • Monetizes your site always in Control

Google Ads include the following features: 

  • App Ads
  • Ads Targeting
  • Keyword Auction
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Device Targeting
  • Dayparting

2) Taboola vs Google Ads: Platform and Connectors

The Platforms and Connectors depend on your requirement and how your company manages all other tasks. After all, you have to integrate your Marketing tasks with other enterprise tasks. One should choose between Taboola vs Google Ads based on integrations available according to their requirements.

Taboola is a Marketing channel on which advertisers can publish Ads; it is a self-branded internet discovery platform that ensures the circulation of content online to users. Taboola supports several devices like Windows, mobile, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac. Taboola supports multiple applications for integration. Some of them are given below: 

  • BlogHer
  • Pandora
  • Vox Media
  • Yahoo
  • WordPress

Google Ads is an online advertising platform. It is available on several devices like Windows, Web-based applications, and Mac. Google Ads consists of an Adwords API that connects web apps and mobile apps to Adword platforms.

3) Taboola vs Google Ads: Ads Format

The Ads Format is the type of Ads that can be displayed on a website or other platform. Taboola vs Google Ads separates here as they both deliver a different type of Ads Format

Taboola has no particular need to check descriptions, etc. Usually, it doesn’t have any specific Ads format. It follows the Native Ads format for advertising. Native Ads are distinct compared to other Ads. They have a defined format to display on websites or apps. In comparison with Google Ads, the Taboola platform is recommended for Native Ads Campaigns. Native Ads in Taboola enhances the promotion of search results and also runs sponsored social media posts.

Google Ads supports multiple types of Ads Format present over the platform. You can add your offerings in any format at your convenience. These formats are text, video, image, digital Ads contents, or responsive Ads. You can launch Search Ads Campaigns across Google’s search network.

4) Taboola vs Google Ads: Reach and Buyers Intent

The Reach and Buyers Intent defines the popularity and how many people it connects. One should always take this factor into consideration when it comes to choosing between Taboola vs Google Ads or any other Ads tools.

Taboola has high-quality content that can drive traffic and attract readers. It owns 16.15% of the whole market share. A total of 14236 companies use Taboola Software. In Taboola Ads, you need to define the target audience before beginning with an Ads. To understand your target audience, you need to consider age, demographics, buyer’s behavior for choosing the products or understand the buyer’s intent before advertising your product. It’s not that good as Google Ads when it comes to targeting the audience.

Google Ads holds 25.30% of the total market share, along with 338322 companies using it. In Google Ads, you can observe the user who is making a purchase online at that moment with the help of Buyer Intent keywords. These are search queries, and even more than 83% of the customer, shop online using search engines. In terms of better reach and targeting an accurate audience, Google Ads works best.

5) Taboola vs Google Ads: Security

The Security becomes an important factor to build trust among audiences as well as users. It is hard to make a pick in Taboola vs Google Ads based on security because it solely depends on the type of role-based user access and credentials you want to share among other team members.

Taboola includes some security features before an advertiser or publisher signs in. A few security features are listed below:

  • Certified with Trustworthy Accountability Group 
  • Maintain Transparency
  • Third-Party Validation
  • Partnership agreement along with Publisher.
  • Restrict Negative Keyword Targeting.

Google provides robust security to protect your Google Ads account. To ensure security, Google Ads follows a 2-Step verification procedure; it strictly doesn’t allow the other email domain users to use your account. It restricts the sharing of login credentials with many users.

6) Taboola vs Google Ads: Pricing

The pricing plays an essential role in deciding between Tabools vs Google Ads because a company should always follow budget planning. The pricing models in Taboola vs Google Ads are way farther from each other.

Taboola Ads follows a quote-based pricing structure, you can begin the Taboola Ads campaign for 10 USD dollars a day. To calculate ROI for Taboola Ads, it is formulated as:

ROI = ( Revenue – Cost and Advertising spend ) / Cost and Advertising spend

Google Ads follows a quote-based pricing structure which means the business needs to pay only when a user clicks on ads or calls them. The average cost spends over Google Ads depends upon three factors. They are working on Google Ads Auctions and the variables used for Ads campaigns. The ROI is calculated as:

ROI = ( Income – Cost for sold goods ) / Cost for sold goods.

The above-mentioned difference between Taboola vs Google Ads provides clarity for preferring the best for your business.

Common Challenges of Working with Google Ads

While creating Ads Campaigns or during formatting Ads, you might come across some hurdles. Some common issues you may face in Google Ads are listed below: 

  • Keyword Stuffing
    For creating Ads, you need the correct keyword that attracts your target audience. Sometimes, you might keep on adding more keywords assuming this will drag more conversion. Instead, overstuffed keywords might degrade your Ads quality and decrease the chances of conversion. 
  • Avoid Non-Keyword Targeting Options
    It would be best if you keep a grip on your focus keywords while targeting Ads. Try to avoid the keywords that are nowhere used for targeting options. It can optimize your Ads Campaign dragging quality leads. 
  • Neglecting your Campaign
    Once you are done with creating a Campaign, and it’s running, you should not abandon it. Regularly check for any changes like changes in keywords, etc, to alter the Campaign and resume it. 

Common Challenges of Working with Taboola

While working with Taboola Ads, you could experience some issues that publishers or advertisers commonly face. These challenges are mentioned below:

Taboola Rejects Ads Campaigns: Sometimes, it might reject your Ads Campaign due to several reasons:

  • Unaligned Thumbnail under the Campaign Safety level
  • The title set is inappropriate or indicating abusive words
  • Issues with landing pages like problematic license
  • Video Ads that affect Intellectual Property Rights with copyright issues.
  • The thumbnail image with degraded quality.
  • Restrain products or services 


In this article, you learned about the various factors that can help you decide between Taboola vs Google Ads. You also read about the features and challenges of Taboola vs Google Ads. Thus, there are pros and cons to using both Google Ads and Taboola for your business. At the end of the day, your use-case and preferred range of features can help make a pick between Taboola vs Google Ads.

Google Ads is a good choice if you want to reach people and have an unplanned budget and low traffic because it changes based on the number of clicks and calls. But if you want to target an audience using Native Ads then you should choose Taboola. Also, Taboola charges 10 USD per day, so if you have more traffic then you should go for Taboola.

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