Trello vs Monday: 6 Critical Differences

Vishal Agrawal • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Trello is an online Project Management tool that functions like a Kanban Board wherein users use a system of Boards and Cards to give a percentage perspective on assigned projects. It is a platform composed of Boards, Lists, and Cards where teams can create a wide variety of forums for collaboration. Moreover, they can point out individuals who are notified within the app by using electronic mail, mobile, and desktop notifications. is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that powers groups to run initiatives and workflows confidently. It’s an easy but intuitive Work OS for groups to form workflows, regulate shifting wishes, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and stop doing manual grunt work. Monday.Com makes teamwork click.

This article will introduce Trello and Monday along with their key features. It will provide the benefits of using these 2 tools and will elaborate on the Trello vs Monday discussion. Read along to learn more about these tools and understand the comparison of Trello vs Monday!

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Introduction to Trello

Trello vs Monday: Trello Logo
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Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects into Boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what is being worked on, who’s operating on what, and in which data is in a procedure.

Imagine a whiteboard packed with lists of sticky notes, with each notice as a project for you and your crew. Now believe that each of these sticky notes has images, attachments from different information assets like BitBucket or Salesforce, documents, and a place to comment and collaborate with your teammates. Now think of that you could take that whiteboard anywhere you move for your smartphone and might get right of entry to it from any laptop thru the net. That’s Trello!

Key Features of Trello

The following features are responsible for the rising popularity of Trello in the current market:

1) Keyboard Shortcuts

When you’re in a Trello Board, try these famous and lesser-known keyboard shortcuts to keep some treasured clicking time and prevent the feared charley horse to your finger:

  • B: Access Board menu, see all your forums from a chook’s eye view (Navigate & hit Enter to open the Board).
  • N: Add a brand new Card to a listing.
  • Q: See handiest your Cards. This lets you quickly filter out to display the Trello Cards which are assigned to you.
  • F: Use this too without difficulty to get admission to the filter out function so you can filter out the Board and Cards with the aid of keywords, labels, participants, and due dates.
  • D: While looking into a Card, use this shortcut to make a due date. It will open the due date and navigate to a date.
  • C: Archive a Card. Clean up that clutter!
  • SPACE: Assign yourself to a Card. This shortcut will upload you to that unique Card/undertaking.

2) Engaging Collaboration Using Card Cover

You could make Trello Forums and Cards in different visual ways to Card covers and shades.

Navigate to the Card’s back and select the “Cover” button. Now, decide whether you want to display the attachment above your Card name. If yes, follow the instructions given on the screen.

3) Align Your Team On Tasks With Advanced Checklists

Trello is a visible and organized way to devise projects and tasks, but from time to time, your undertaking Boards can get cluttered with too many Cards. When you need to get into the granular info of a task or have multiple due dates and people are worried about performing the said challenge, Advanced Checklists allows you to map out those shifting components as shown in the below image.

Trello vs Monday: Checklist
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4) Dark Mode

When you’re at top productiveness, your eyes can still experience the stress of your effort. You can allow dark mode within the Trello app for iOS and Android. So the subsequent time an excellent concept moves in the midnight, otherwise, you just need a smash from the conventional format on cell, you could experience Trello at all times of the day. The below image represents Trello’s Dark Mode.

Trello vs Monday: Dark Mode
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To enable Dark Mode in Trello, virtually go to the tool’s settings and toggle it on, allowing you to transfer to dark mode automatically. On Android gadgets, you could also toggle the dark mode on/off from inside the Trello app settings.

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Benefits of Trello

On the complete, Trello is a simple tool to manipulate your product improvement, but possibly too easy. Trello is suitable for you if you’re a small organization that needs no more than a Kanban Board with sticky, be aware-like playing cards. Trello provides the following benefits to your business:

  • Minimizing confusion around challenge assignments with simple gear to organize tasks and track development.
  • Customizable lists that permit users to follow metrics they may be most interested in and use automated notifications to hold knowledge of all modifications.
  • Simple collaboration allows whole teams to take part in vital discussions, ship notes, percentage files, and touch upon character duties.
  • The ability to effortlessly add documents immediately from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive money owed.

Introduction to Monday

Trello vs Monday: Monday Logo
Image Source is a cloud-based OS that is used for creating workflow apps conveniently. You can use the platform to shape your workflows and connect individuals in an available workspace. It has time-tracking, customizable workflow templates, dashboards for insights, and automation that do away with manual work. It has cell apps for any tool to allow for at-the-go use.

Key Features of Monday can enhance your Project Management with the following features:

1) Prioritizes People Management

Many Project Management answers obtained don’t allow you to manage people. They provide a natural pinnacle-down view of the responsibilities, subtasks, and interdependencies. Primarily, they recognize the most effective projects themselves. People are seen as simply resources that need to maintain up with the projects. They aren’t seen and on hand. Furthermore, conventional equipment even requires you to manipulate the project management platform itself by updating tasks, subtasks, & interdependencies. however, allows you to manage people working in your business.

2) Easily Manage Workloads

On Monday.Com, you can arrange tasks in businesses. Then you may assign each project to a person to your team, or you could give an entire group for a venture (or a pulse). The most fantastic component about these organizations and responsibilities (or pulses) is that you could add extra columns.

You start by having objects on a horizontal bar. Then you may upload relevant columns. There are many column types in monday.Com’s column center. Some are as simple as checkboxes or a hyperlink.

3) Makes Collaboration Efficient

As mentioned, group contributors can replace and touch upon each challenge item. They may even run a Q&A that statistics the train of information being created for every object. These features assist in the boom of the communique among each team member or group as shown in the below image.

Trello vs Monday: Collaboration in
Image Source

More than one customer can utilize the record-sharing function and links to view and edit essential files. However, Monday.Com’s communication and collaboration do not prevent these other features that make operating with others the use of Monday.Com easy and fun.

4) Provides Excellent Support

The top features for monitoring, collaboration, reporting, people management, monitoring, and others mentioned in advance are rounded out by undeniably stellar help features. Again, the platform is first and principal humans-centric. It turned into a practical and bendy tool that one loves to apply.

One massive element for that is accessibility. This is not in phrases of the person interface or being ergonomic, but that is about the pricing and different help features. With these, Monday.Com turns into a simple top-tier product that’s turning into a cross-to platform for many groups throughout exclusive industries.

To learn more about, visit here.

Comparing Trello vs Monday

Businesses often are confused when it comes to the Trello vs Monday discussion. Trello is ideal for design groups and small teams who visualize the product improvement method over powerful challenge control talents. Meanwhile,, in a nutshell, is a jack of all trades, a grasp of none. So despite being a flexible device with many capabilities, you may get beaten via all those features available to you, which you possibly don’t require for a software improvement team.

To understand the Trello vs Monday discussion better, you need to consider the following parameters:

Trello vs Monday: Basic Features

Trello is simply the higher bet for people who like less complicated software. You get the Kanban Board as well as an entire bunch of scheduling and sorting alternatives. Thus, it is capable to run a small corporation using Trello. doesn’t appear to have any fundamental functions, however, it kicks it up into high equipment from the very beginning and adapts well to the company’s work structure.

Trello vs Monday: Ease of Use

The ease of use in Trello vs Monday comparison comes down to personal desire: Monday.Com has a spreadsheet interface, and Trello uses Kanban Boards.

Trello takes the Kanban Board course, with backgrounds you may customize, regardless of pix. The playing cards on the Board show the most important records: name, due date, a progress bar. You can shade the code along with a warning of a coming near the due date. To dig into the information, you click on the Cardboard. The playing cards are neatly prepared properly and feature previews of photographs and files.

Trello walks you through your first task. It’s less complicated to examine and master than as it does not have as many fields and customization options. starts with a spreadsheet interface. Its records, known as Pulses, can hold tasks, facts, or steps to completing a project. You can create those from a form as well, which units it aside from Trello. The format is familiar for everybody who has used spreadsheets, and you can dress it up with coloration and icons in line with the fields and customizations. You can also cover areas to keep the Board from getting too crowded.

The layout can get overwhelming till you’re used to it, but all of the facts are right there. You also can see the points in other views, such as Card view, Calendar, and Timeline. Monday.Com walks you through the advent of your first venture, as does Trello. Once you have got the basics, there may be a steeper knowledge of curves than with Trello to grasp all gears.

Trello vs Monday: Support and Customer Service

Trello offers publications and a searchable how-to function, even though we determined that the quest pulls up solutions for advanced duties instead of primary instructions. For the ones, you need to have a look at the courses. The guides are illustrated and easy to comply with. Trello additionally has:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Guides
  • Webinars (on YouTube)
  • Community Forum
  • VIP Training Package has phone and email support 24/7. Its vital assist phase inside the application is searchable and includes self-assist courses, articles, and videos. In a few instances, the software program walks you through finishing a challenge inside a thorough education. It has expert services for custom implementations, records migrations from present mission management tools, onboarding, training, and enterprise-precise integrations. In addition, gives:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Guides
  • Video Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Community Forum
  • VIP Training Package

Trello vs Monday: Pricing

Trello has a 3-tier pricing plan. Its Freemium plan includes unlimited Participants, Boards, Lists, and Cards. It comes with one energy-up and direct integration and is best for group and man or female customers. Its Basic plan is charged on an according-to-consumer-according-to-month basis and billed annually. It includes all capabilities and additional integrations and aid. The Enterprise Plan is designed for huge businesses and includes tight protection capabilities and a devoted guide. has a 4-tier pricing plan: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. These are charged on an in keeping with-user-in keeping-with-month basis and can be utilized by organizations with as many as 200 customers. It offers a free trial for 14 days without requiring a Credit Card.

Trello vs Monday: Integrations

Trello works without problems with numerous apps, which many groups can generally utilize. These include Google Drive, Google Docs, Slack, DropBox, WordPress, MailChimp, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SurveyMonkey, Basecamp, Microsoft OneDrive, Zoom, JIRA Software, GitHub, Evernote, HubSpot Marketing, ClickUp, FreshBooks, and Monday.Com. can be used with an app that includes Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, Trello, MailChimp, Basecamp, Asana, Microsoft OneDrive, JIRA Software, GitHub, Shopify, PipeDrive, Box, Zapier, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Todoist, Gmail, BitBucket, Google Calendar, and Stripe.

Trello vs Monday: Data Security and Privacy

With Trello, there’s no need to fear about safety. It has the same old security features and makes explicit use of powerful encryption. It applies to records-in-transit and records-at-relaxation or in storage. Trello additionally receives help from the community in finding and squashing insects. On that note, it’s far compliant with numerous safety standards.

Moreover, administrators can restrict access to a few people in an employer. They control permissions in terms of actions like including attachments and using strength-ups. In case the group wants to dissolve their Trello subscription, they could request the deletion of money owed and the related information. does not lag behind Trello when it comes to security features. It is likewise in line with EU and US requirements about private safety. Moreover, it has distinctive sorts of certifications for protection. When it involves person authentication, it has -thing authentication. Thus, there is a strong layer of safety among a consumer’s data and cyberattackers.

There are extra safety alternatives available to administrators as well, however handiest in the Enterprise package. Among those is audit logs concerning users who get the right of entry to the solution. Furthermore, administrators can restrict registrations to the platform. They also can put in force unique authentication solutions like SAML and Google. Plus, they could put into effect policies concerning passwords for the protection of the crew.

The above parameters are sufficient to provide a conclusion to the Trello vs Monday discussion. Now, that you know the fundamental differences between Trello and Monday, you can choose any one of these tools according to your requirements.


This article introduced you to Trello and and explained the key features that make them so popular. It also discussed the benefits of using these applications. Furthermore, the article listed down the major parameters involved in the Trello vs Monday discussion. These included Pricing, Features, security, etc. Understanding these aspects of the Trello vs Monday discussion is necessary for you to choose a suitable tool.

Both Trello and are at the top of some of the high-quality project control software tools. They offer fantastic features for task management, communication, and business enterprise in addition to strolling an Agile project. Moreover, they’re consumer-friendly.

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Share your understanding of the Trello vs Monday discussion in the comments below!

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