Twilio HubSpot Integration: 2 Critical Aspects

Vishal Agrawal • Last Modified: April 19th, 2023

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No Matter the Size or the stage you are on, growing a business always remains a challenge. The number of marketing channels is increasing at a rapid pace and covering all the major points of contact is crucial to reach the target audience. Sales and Services also need to be managed parallelly with the marketing department in any enterprise. A manual approach to organize and manage all the Workflow in your firm can be a tedious task.

Hubspot, a unified solution that automates Marketing, Sales, and Services, helps companies to grow effectively in their respective domains. To provide a more personalised experience to your customers, setting up Twilio HubSpot Integration can give your Support teams better insights into the customer profiles. With Twilio, you can interact with your customers on a collection of channels at a central place.

In this article, you will learn how to set up Twilio HubSpot Integration for your business growth.

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Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot is an inbound marketing and income platform that allows companies to draw visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

It does this by bringing a ramification of functionalities collectively and allowing advertising, marketing, and profits departments to control all their sports activities in one area. This includes a content material introduction, Social Media Sharing, Workflow Automation, Lead Length, Profits Pipeline Mapping, and Overall Performance Tracking.

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot is considered one of the most essential and fastest-growing CRM and advertising automation platforms to be available on the market. It’s an all-in-one solution to assist corporations to expand!

Each of those systems offers precise assets and current generation to help companies’ scale. The Marketing Hub gives special abilities to each of the 3 stages (starter, professional, or business employer) at which you can buy. Let’s dive right into the most intuitive capabilities of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub:

A) List Segmentation

This function permits exquisite customization to who you’re marketing to, and consequently, what experience users who interact along with your emblem have. List segmentation enables HubSpot clients to create a one-of-a-kind list (lively and static) of contacts inside the database based totally on any criteria stored within the system. Active lists automatically add and cast off contacts primarily based on the criteria set. 

Static lists are a list of contacts that meet a certain set of criteria at one particular factor in time. The brand new listing segmentation options in HubSpot can help you take your advertising and marketing customization to the next level.

B) Workflows

An outstanding Workflow Automation tool saves each marketer’s time and effort. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub has created an area to create effective workflows for each internal and external duty. Creating and executing a workflow in HubSpot is intuitive and efficient. Additionally, with workflows being intertwined with email, CRM, and different advertising tasks, it is useful to have it all connect at the same platform.

C) Email

HubSpot’s email feature includes intuitive operations with a drag and drop layout system that allows marketers to create well-styled emails without requiring you to write any code. Email features additionally consist of a place to insert personalization tokens, CTAs, photos, and hyperlinks.

D) Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing isn’t always going anywhere. Strategy is and has to be blanketed in all B2B and B2C business marketing plans. In fact, 90% of marketers say social media advertising has prolonged their agency exposure. 

Social media control and Analytics available on HubSpot Marketing Hub provide excellent insights on your marketing campaigns. You can manage Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter from one central place where you can design custom posts, set post schedules, and analyse the performance of your posts. This is an actual time-saving feature that avoids hopping from platform to platform.

E) Reporting Dashboards

One region with dozens of customizable dashboards to view all your analytics is a marketer’s dream. HubSpot Dashboards can be easily edited for specific dates, are visible across teams, and include valuable analysis. The Reporting Dashboards in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub allow you to make data-driven decisions confidently.

HubSpot’s CRM is available for free to use. HubSpot offers a seamless process to record Customer Contact details, Company details, offers, and tickets of their software program free of charge.

For more information about the features, visit the Official HubSpot Website.

Introduction to Twilio

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Twilio is a developer platform for communications. Twilio’s programmable utility program interfaces (APIs) are a set of constructing blocks builders can use to construct the exact customer reports they want.

The Twilio Customer Engagement Platform may be used to construct nearly any digital experience, the usage of skills like SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Video, e-mail, or even IoT, throughout the client adventure. Twilio powers communications for more than 190,000 corporations, and permits nearly 932 billion human interactions every year.

Key Features of Twilio

The foremost brilliance of the Twilio Platform is its pricing structure, easy-to-understand development, the reliability of the connections supplied, and regional distribution functionality.

A) Cost-Effective

Cost-wise, the Twilio Platform is efficient since it utilizes a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme for the one-of-a-kind communication APIs. With no annual or monthly contracts to fasten them, organizations will only need to pay for the functions they use. This presents unmatched control over their verbal exchange and programming budgets.

B) Quick Development

The platform is geared up with an effective however simple API that supports a mess of programming languages, which include .Net (C#), Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and PHP. For this cause, business groups couldn’t have any hassle including authentication and verbal exchange equipment to their apps irrespective of the language they use. Developers can then at once carry on building exclusive communication channels into their system. This also permits the fastest time of deployment across the corporation.

C) Reliable Connections

Twilio Platform presents a continuing level in organizations in relation to connecting with employees, clients, and partners, irrespective of how decentralized they’re. It has incredible reliability achieving a maximum of 99.95% uptime SLA. This approach means that involved parties can have nearly no problem with getting interrupted at the same time as the communication manner is ongoing.

D) Regional and Localized Compliance

If the scenario requires it, regional compliance and localization wishes can be fulfilled via reconfiguring several portions of the code. This means there is no need to rewrite the complete app itself. In this manner, the sister websites in different areas can speak with their coworkers in numerous branches faster.

For more details on the features, you can visit the Twilio Features Page.

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Hevo Data is a No-code Data Pipeline that offers a fully managed solution to set up Data Integration for 100+ Data Sources (Including 30+ Free Sources like HubSpot) and will let you directly load data to a data warehouse or the destination of your choice. It will automate your data flow in minutes without writing any line of code. Its fault-tolerant architecture makes sure that your data is secure and consistent. Hevo provides you with a truly efficient and fully automated solution to manage data in real-time and always have analysis-ready data. 

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  • Fully Managed: It requires no management and maintenance as Hevo is a fully automated platform.
  • Data Transformation: It provides a simple interface to perfect, modify, and enrich the data you want to transfer. 
  • Real-Time: Hevo offers real-time data migration. So, your data is always ready for analysis.
  • Schema Management: Hevo can automatically detect the schema of the incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.
  • Connectors: Hevo supports 100+ Integrations to SaaS platforms like HubSpot (Free Source Connector with Hevo), files, Databases, analytics, and BI tools. It supports various destinations including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake Data Warehouses; Amazon S3 Data Lakes; and MySQL, SQL Server, TokuDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL Databases to name a few.  
  • Secure: Hevo has a fault-tolerant architecture that ensures that the data is handled in a secure, consistent manner with zero data loss.
  • Hevo Is Built To Scale: As the number of sources and the volume of your data grows, Hevo scales horizontally, handling millions of records per minute with very little latency.
  • Live Monitoring: Advanced monitoring gives you a one-stop view to watch all the activities that occur within pipelines.
  • Live Support: Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.
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  • An active HubSpot Account.
  • An active Twilio Account.

2 Critical Aspects of Twilio HubSpot Integration

If multiple users need to use Twilio Connect to make calls in Hubspot, you effortlessly set up a Twilio HubSpot Integration. HubSpot recommends that each user should install their own Twilio account. However, it’s also viable for every user to use the same Twilio account login credentials to connect with HubSpot. If you’re using a HubSpot trial, you can’t set up a Twilio Connect account. Lets now discuss the 2 major aspects of Twilio HubSpot Integration:

A) Enabling Twilio HubSpot CRM Calling

  • Step 1: To initiate the Twilio HubSpot Integration Process, Login to your HubSpot account and click the Settings icon inside the most important navigation bar.
  • Step 2: In the left sidebar menu, navigate to General.
  • Step 3: Click on the Calling tab. 
  • Step 4: In the Connect an Integration segment, click on Sign up or Connect your Twilio account.
Twilio HubSpot Integration Option
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  • Step 5: You’ll be redirected to Twilio to create an account or log in on your current account to authorize the relationship to HubSpot.
  • Step 6: Once your Twilio account is attached, you may be redirected back to HubSpot. To sign in with your phone number for making calls inside Twilio Connect, click on Add Smartphone Number
  • Step 7: In the conversation field, input your contact number with the extension.
  • Step 8: You can choose how the verification code is sent to you by selecting the SMS or Call button.
  • Step 9: When your telephone number is correctly registered with Twilio, you can start making calls from Twilio. After completing the Twilio HubSpot Integration, you can now view the number of calling minutes used and the amount billed for the month in Twilio Connect. For more tips on setting up the Twilio HubSpot Integration, visit the Twilio HubSpot Calling Page.

B) Configuring Twilio Connect

To configure the Twilio Connection, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Account Setup web page.
Twilio Account set up Option
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  • Step 2: Click on the Connections option. The Connections page will appear on your screen.
  • Step 3: Click on the Add Connection button. The list of services will appear.
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  • Step 4: Select Twilio from the Service drop-down menu.
  • Step 5: Enter a Connection Name of your choice to uniquely pick out this connection to Twilio.
Twilio Add Connection
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  • Step 6: Click on the Submit button. The connection is created and you may be requested to link an account.
  • Step 7: Open a brand new tab and log in to your Twilio account using your email address and password.
  • Step 8: Copy the AuthToken and the Account SID from the Twilio account Dashboard and paste them within the respective fields at the Link New Account pop-up.
  • Step 9: Enter the cellular number used to enroll in the Twilio connection in the From field.
  • Step 10: Enter the Name of the Authorized Account to link the new account. 
Twilio Link New Account Dialog Box
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  • Step 11: Click the Authorize button and proceed to authorize admission to the selected provider. This completes the Twilio HubSpot Integration process.

Limitations of Twilio HubSpot Integration

In the Twilio HubSpot Integration, the Connect Apps do not permit the identical capability as a regular account, and may not be suitable for all production deployment use instances. The following list covers some of the obstacles you may face in Twilio HubSpot Integration for Connect Apps:

  • Phone numbers: Connect Apps are not able to manipulate telephone numbers, which includes releasing them. These Apps are incompatible with the Regulatory Compliance API v2.X, which limits their potential to buy or transfer cell phone numbers with regulatory necessities or manipulate the regulatory files. Also, they are unable to control Caller IDs, verify numbers, or use proven numbers for outbound caller IDs.
  • Console: You cannot view logs in the Console for Programmable Messaging and Programmable Voice using Connect Apps.
  • Subaccounts: Creating Subaccounts is not possible via Connect Apps.
  • API Keys: Connect Apps are unable to create API Keys.


In this article, you have learned how to easily set up Twilio HubSpot Integration. With HubSpot, you can design your Workflows, manage marketing through a diverse range of social media channels, and take advantage of its brilliant CRM features. Incorporating Twilio helps in creating quality conversations with your customers. By building the Twilio HubSpot Integration, you can ensure reliable connections with your clients and provide them a better customer-oriented and personalised experience.

As the Twilio HubSpot Integration helps in gradually growing your business, the number of projects as well as the use of SaaS applications for Accounting, Human Resources, etc, would also increase rapidly. Manually handling the tremendous volume of data generated from that would be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. You would require to invest a section of your engineering bandwidth in Integrating, Cleaning, Transforming, and Modelling the data for further business analysis. All of this can be effortlessly automated by a Cloud-Based ETL Tool like Hevo Data.

Hevo Data, a No-code Data Pipeline can help in simplifying the data transfer from a collection of sources like HubSpot to your Data Warehouse or a destination of your choice for free. It is a reliable, fully automated, and secure service that doesn’t require you to write any code!

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If you are using HubSpot in your firm for managing Marketing, Sales, etc., and searching for a stress-free alternative to Manual Data Integration, then Hevo can comfortably automate this for you. Hevo with its strong integration with 100+ sources & BI tools (Including 30+ Free Sources like HubSpot) allows you to not only export data from your desired data sources & load it to the destination of your choice, but also transform & enrich your data to make it analysis-ready so that you can focus on your key business needs and perform insightful analysis using BI tools.

Want to Take Hevo for a Spin? Sign Up for a 14-day free trial and experience this Hassle-free solution for all your Data Integration needs. Do check out the pricing details to understand which plan is suitable for your business requirements.

Share with us your experience of setting up Twilio HubSpot Integration. Let us know in the comments section below!

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