Setting Up Typeform HubSpot Integration: 4 Easy Steps

Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

The essence of why businesses carry out Marketing Campaigns is to discover new leads and reach out to new borders previously not covered and learning methods to improve Marketing Campaign strategies. Companies have a deliberate drive to merge technologies and methods to form an organized way to interact with clients, inform them about developments, and provide updates.

The need to come up with an efficient way of understanding audiences has led to many integrations between applications and software as the modern business models require constantly reaching out to your audience to keep them glued to your products and services. Typeform is a software used for form building and surveys, and HubSpot is an all-in-one suite for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. 

Typeform HubSpot Integration is a perfect combination to effectively gather information about customers and analyze it. Typeform helps companies gather user data via interactive forms. while HubSpot can help analyze and segment these audiences based on their responses. In this article, you will learn about the steps to Typeform HubSpot Integration and its benefits in helping businesses to know more about their audiences.

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  • An active HubSpot account.
  • An active Typeform account.

Introduction to Typeform

Typeform Logo
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Typeform is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) company whose primary focus is building online forms and effortlessly carry out surveys. It creates these forms based on the needs of users that are dynamic and can be used by various groups or classes of users. Typeform is a versatile data collection software because it offers lots of flexibility in creating surveys, forms, and questionnaires with colorful templates and an interactive user interface to keep the user engaged and make for a fast and easy process. 

Typeform excels at making short surveys and questionnaires with the help of its fascinating designs that offer one question at a time approach. It makes the experience unique and highly immersive, where users feel as if they are having a conversation rather than filling forms. It brings questions to life by adding images and videos, lets you edit the question to your satisfaction to keep people’s attention, and allows for the segmentation of your audience based on the answers you received. 

Typeform integrates with major platforms such as Slack, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Autopilot, Airtable, and many more. It has both free and paid subscription models.

Key Features of Typeform

Typeform made interacting with people a lot easier. It helps companies to gather user data and their preferences. It is easy to set up a new form within minutes. Typeform offers many features that attract companies. A few of them are listed below:

  • Interactive Designs: The designs are what make Typeform more appealing to people. It comes with many built-in form designs that leave users with many choices. With the help of its colorful and user-friendly forms, it engages more customers.
  • Personalize Journeys: Typeform can help you create responsive forms that will ask different sets of questions to customers based on their previous answers. It comes with logic jumps that help you set questions based on the answers.
  • Real-time Analysis: Typeform offers various Data Analysis tools that help you get real-time feedback on their form responses.

To learn more about Typeform, click here.

Introduction to HubSpot

HubSpot Logo
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HubSpot is an all-in-one Marketing Automation software product that uses an inbound service. It helps companies in managing Marketing Campaigns, sales, and customer services. HubSpot delivers essential tools and services to handle CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Content Management, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Funnels, Web Analytics, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most Marketers recommend HubSpot as it is one of the most used Marketing software within organizations of any scale. It helps companies seamlessly sync sales and Marketing activities in one place.

HubSpot offers many integrations of 3rd party apps and services such as Jira, GitHub, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more to help companies organize their workflow effectively.

Key Features of HubSpot

HubSpot attracts most Marketers and companies because it offers a plethora of features. With the help of its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, users can quickly learn to use HubSpot. A few features of HubSpot are listed below:

  • E-Mail Templates: HubSpot comes with many E-Mail templates and allows users to create Templates. It avoids writing E-Mail repetitively and saves time for users.
  • Workflow Automation: HubSpot allows users to automate their Marketing repetitive tasks and focus on their business planning. HubSpot can automatically send E-Mails, generate contact lists, etc.
  • Contacts Segmentations: HubSpot helps users segregate their contacts or customers based on age, demographics, and other metrics. It allows users to treat every segment of the audience with a different strategy.

To learn more about HubSpot, click here.

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Steps to Typeform HubSpot Integration

The basis of Typeform Hubspot Integration is to help you send responses and information from your Typeform to your HubSpot account where a new contact can be added or an update to an existing one can be done. It also keeps track of how your audience found your Typeform form, segments the audience for effective Marketing Campaigns, captures leads, and sends this information directly to your HubSpot.

Typeform HubSpot Integration can also track the best performing Typeform forms and their E-Mail addresses with the help of Typeform contact. To set up Typeform HubSpot Integration, the following steps are listed below:

Step 1: Connecting Typeform to HubSpot

  • Log in to your Typeform account here.
  • Click on “Integrations in your Typeform account. Your Typeform must have an “E-Mail block for the integration to work. 
  • Click on “Connect“, and a panel of available native and external integrations will pop up, select “Send new contacts to HubSpot“, shown in the image below.
Connecting HubSpot from Typeform Account on Integration Page
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  • Now, it will ask you to connect your HubSpot account. If you have a connected account, click on it. If not, click “Add account“, where you can sign in or create a new HubSpot account, and you will be connected.

Step 2: Configuring Typeform HubSpot Integration

  • Once connected, you will be requested to choose the E-Mail block to use from your Typeform, shown in the image below.
Choosing E-Mail Block in Typeform
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  • Next, click on the message “Let’s do this” or “Nope, I’m done“. It shows up to continue with the configuration of Typeform HubSpot Integration, depending on what you want to do. 
  • Selecting “Let’s do this” will configure your integration and allow you to send details like name, phone number, and so on to HubSpot. While selecting “Nope, I’m done” will set up your Typeform HubSpot Integration to send E-Mail addresses only to HubSpot, shown in the image below.
Configuratiion Settings for Typeform HubSpot Integration
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  • If you selected “Let’s do this” from the previous step, then on the next page, you can choose other blocks you may want to take data from. 

Step 3: Adding the Typeform Questions

Choosing Typeform Question and HubSpot Property
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  • You can add any number of connections based on your requirement. All you have to do is choose a Typeform question and connect it to a relevant HubSpot property. You can do this by clicking on the “+ Add another” to collect data from other questions, shown in the image below. 
Adding more Typeform Questions
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  • After matching the questions you want with the appropriate HubSpot properties, click “I’m done” to continue.
  • For the next step, click “Activate integration to finish the setup, shown in the image below. 
Activate Integration Button
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Step 4: Sending the Typeform Results to HubSpot Account

  • You can send the collected results from your Typeform account to a connected HubSpot account. The Typeform HubSpot Integration is live and ready for use, and whenever you share your Typeform and start collecting responses, they will be sent automatically to your HubSpot account.
  • The Typeform HubSpot Integration can be turned off and on or can be deleted at any time from the “Connect” panel on your Typeform, shown in the image below.
Typeform HubSpot Integration Panel
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  • You can also see your contact list on HubSpot from Typeform by clicking on contacts, shown in the image below.
Contact List on HubSpot from typeform
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Finally, you have completed Typeform HubSpot Integration.

Benefits of Typeform HubSpot Integration

Both Typeform and HubSpot are free to use to some extent. They offer many features in their paid subscriptions. The Typeform HubSpot Integration has many benefits. A few of them are listed below:

  • Typeform HubSpot Integration creates room for you to capture more leads with adoring and colorful interactive forms offered by Typeform, then automatically upload this information to HubSpot. 
  • You can use Typeform HubSpot Integration to detect where your most engaged audience comes from, as it automatically tracks the source.
  • The creation of different question paths where one can segment the audience based on their scores and outcome is of great benefit in Typeform because this gives you an indication of your audience preferences. This information can then be followed up using HubSpot to target specific users.
  • With Typeform, you can make mobile-ready forms, surveys, quizzes, etc., by choosing one of the available templates or starting from scratch. 


In this article, you learned about the steps to Typeform HubSpot Integration that help to improve interactions between companies and their clients. It also showed how Typeform assists companies to interact with customers smartly. Typeform HubSpot Integration allows companies to gather customer data. The data helps organizations grow by making smarter business decisions.

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