Forms are an essential component of any business. Forms are useful for gathering information and gaining insights. Typeform is one of the numerous tools available on the market that assist in the creation of forms for information collecting. Typeform enables the design of structured forms that aid in data mining. It offers a user-friendly web-based platform.

Typeform is a versatile data collection tool that makes asking and answering questions straightforward and pleasant, whether via forms, quizzes, surveys, or something else new. MySQL is the most widely used database management system software for handling relational databases.

So the Typeform MySQL connection can help you automate multiple workflows and help you to access or fetch data. In this blog, you’ll learn how to connect Typeform MySQL uniquely.

What is Typeform?

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Typeform is a form builder that assists in the creation of visually appealing forms that are easy to use and adhere to an online approach. The most typical application of Typeform is to create interactive questions and surveys that users can simply answer.

More templates for constructing contact lists, shopping carts, quizzes, and other formats are available in Typeform’s cloud-based survey builder. Typeform includes a large number of templates, including surveys.

The solution is adaptable and allows you to organize the data in the same way that spreadsheet software does. It supports logic jumps and can build several forms at once. The logic leaps assist in pointing to the next question based on the prior one’s selection.

Typeform offers a free plan, but it is limited to three forms with ten questions each. It also does not have logic jump characteristics. It also caps the number of responses every month at 100.

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Key Features of Typeform

Here are some features listed below:

  • There are numerous design templates with drag-and-drop capability.
  • Forms and surveys are unrestricted.
  • Fields that are hidden
  • SSL encryption of 128 bits.
  • Data export is possible.
  • Provides a free API
  • Integration with other programs.
  • Can be used on both mobile and desktop devices.

What is MySQL?

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MySQL is a well-known open-source Relational Database Management System. MySQL data is stored in tables comprised of rows and columns. Oracle Corporation created, distributed, and supported MySQL from its inception in 1995. MySQL is technically written in the C and C ++ computer languages.

MySQL, which is backed by Oracle, is a free and open-source database software released under the GNU General Public License. It is widely used in PHP development and other web applications.

MySQL is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Symbian, Linux, and macOS. SQL commands allow you to view, change, and add data to your MySQL tables. MySQL is also an essential component of the Modern LAMP stack, which consists of a Linux-based operating system, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, and PHP for processing.

Key Features of MySQL

MySQL is used extensively by companies such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube. This is because of the following eye-catching MySQL features:

  • Easy to Use: MySQL supports a variety of programming languages, including PHP, PERL, C, C ++, and JAVA. MySQL also supports a wide number of data formats, JSON and geospatial data, as well as Logical, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Date, and Time data types, allowing you to work with a wider range of data.
  • Excellent Query Performance: MySQL provides best-in-class query performance across a variety of clustered servers. It contains a fast-loading utility, a memory cache, and the ability to split table indexes. MySQL can also handle varying workloads and rapidly process enormous volumes of data.
  • Open-Source: MySQL is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which guarantees that it will always be free to use. It enables you to adapt it based on your requirements by utilizing Oracle’s Open-Source MySQL source.
  • Data Security: Access Privilege Systems and User Account Management, for example, allow you to regulate who sees or has access to your MySQL data. MySQL raises the bar with host-based verification and password encryption.

Connecting Typeform MySQL with REST API

You may handle everything from the basics, like tweaking your themes and adding new photos to your account, to the most sophisticated capabilities Typeform has to offer, like retrieving responses on-demand and customizing forms using Hidden Fields, using the Typeform APIs and developer tools.

We chose REST API because Hevo does not support Typeform as our native connector, so we will utilize REST to connect our source to our MySQL destination.


To get started with Typeform MySQL Connection, create is a RESTful API that provides you with direct control over your Typeforms, pictures, and themes, as well as other customization options to make your Typeforms more engaging.

The Create API is comprised of three major concepts: forms, images, and themes.

Forms are the wonderfully designed, conversational Typeforms that you are familiar with. Make a new Typeform (or edit an existing one) and customize it with photos, videos, and themes that appeal to various demographics. The Create API also supports sophisticated Typeform features such as Hidden Fields and Logic Jumps.

Check out the Get started page for an overview of how the APIs function. If you’re ready to start using the Create API, you can either build an application or generate a personal access token to perform direct queries.

If you’ve already generated a Typeform personal access token and know how to use it, you might want to check out these Create walkthroughs or the Create reference documentation. If you’re ready to start using the Create API, you can either build an application or generate a personal access token to perform direct queries.

Hevo allows you to bring data from various Sources through its native connectors. However, for situations where you need to bring data from multiple different applications or an in-house REST API, you can use the REST API Source.

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  • Data Transformation: Hevo provides a simple interface to perfect, modify, and enrich the data you want to transfer.
  • Faster Insight Generation: Hevo offers near real-time data replication so you have access to real-time insight generation and faster decision making. 
  • Schema Management: Hevo can automatically detect the schema of the incoming data and map it to the destination schema.
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For Typeform MySQL Connection, when you use the Responses API to retrieve data for a Typeform, you receive a GET request.

In JSON format, the answer contains all of the contributions to your Typeform thus far. You may also use query parameters in your requests to limit results to entries received after a specific date and time or within a specific date range. The Responses API reference lists and describes all of the query parameters that are accessible.

Configuring REST API as a Source from Typeform MySQL Connection

Perform the following steps to configure REST API as a Source in Hevo:

  • Click PIPELINES in the Asset Palette.
  • Click + CREATE in the Pipeline List View.
  • In the Select Source Type page, select REST API.
  • Provide REST endpoint details in the Configure your REST API Source page:
Typeform MySQL  -  Hevo | REST API
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Method: The API method. This can be GET or POST. Followed by selecting the method. Select the GET method, in order to collect data from Typeform, and then select the Data Root.

Data Root: The JSONPath expression to the root of the data as retrieved from the API response. After this, click on Continue. Last but before least, Configure Pagination, Session, and set up a limit to flow data from Typeform using the REST API.

Connecting REST API to the MySQL Destination

Hevo can load data into a MySQL database from any of your Pipelines. This document will lead you through the process of adding MySQL as a Destination for the Typeform MySQL Connection.

Step 1: After you configure the Source during Pipeline creation, click ADD DESTINATION.

Step 2: In the Add Destination page, select MySQL. Alternatively, use the Search Destination Type search box to search for the Destination. Specify the following settings in the Configure your MySQL Destination page:

Typeform MySQL  - MySQL Destination settings
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Step 3: After filling in the details, click on the TEST CONNECTION button to test connectivity to the Destination MySQL server. Once the test is successful, save the Destination by clicking on SAVE DESTINATION.

Note: Some factors to consider before getting started with Typeform MySQL Connection

  • You must disable any foreign keys defined in the target tables. Foreign keys do not allow data to be loaded until the reference table has a corresponding key defined.
  • You can replicate data for only 4090 columns in a given MySQL table. Read Limits on the Number of Columns

Hence this completes the Typeform MySQL Connection with REST API

Benefits of Connecting Typeform MySQL

Here are some benefits of Typeform MySQL Connection:

  • Pulling data from Typeform forms: You can copy or drag Typeform data into your RDBMS and execute other actions on it.
  • Simple Setup: Replication of Data can be simple and no need to worry about ETL.
  • Mature Replication: Generating accurate data from any structure at all times.
  • Substitute Data Infrastructure: You can perform data operations in your warehouse, putting you in complete control.


Typeform creates conversational forms, surveys, quizzes, landing sites, and other applications. The Typeform MySQL connection from Typeform data to your warehouse provides you access to raw customer data without the hassle of building and maintaining ETL scripts.

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Share your experience of learning how to connect Typeform to MySQL in the comments section below.

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