Setting Up Vidyard HubSpot Integration: 4 Easy Steps

Talha • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

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Are you trying to learn more about your target audience so that you can better optimize, automate, and customize your Marketing and Sales efforts? Then you have landed in the right article. Integrating Vidyard and HubSpot can help you to better understand your Leads and achieve Marketing goals.

HubSpot is a Cloud-Based all-in-one service for Marketing, Sales, and Service software. It provides its offering based on a subscription model, enabling even small organizations to have access to have a full-fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software without spending effort on building one. On the other hand, Vidyard is a Cloud-Based Video Content Management software designed for creating Marketing content.

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Vidyard HubSpot integration in 4 simple steps. It will provide you with a brief overview of Vidyard and HubSpot. You will also explore the features of these two technologies and the benefits of setting up Vidyard HubSpot Integration in further sections. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents


  • A HubSpot account with a HubSpot Marketing hub subscription.
  • A paid Vidyard account with a Teams, Business, or Enterprise subscription plan.
  • The basic idea of how outbound Marketing works.

Introduction to Vidyard

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Vidyard helps Marketing teams to create videos using an internet browser or an iPhone. Screen recording and the ability to edit them are some of the most critical features of Vidyard. It can also embed the presenter’s video along with the screen recording making it a great tool for creating ‘How to’ videos and training videos. The videos can be customized on-demand to suit different kinds of audiences. The videos can then be integrated with various Marketing and Sales engagement platforms. 

Vidyard also helps in managing the recorded videos. It can host them online and present them to users without ads. The hosting location links can be shared across multiple agencies or collaborators allowing them to upload them to a common library. Vidyard can be integrated with common business tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc. 

To know more about Vidyard, visit this link.

Introduction to HubSpot

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HubSpot helps Marketing teams to put together lists of Leads and segment them based on different criteria. It can help Marketers plan campaigns for different segments of their target. Marketing strategies can then be executed systematically using HubSpot through automation. HubSpot’s ability to automate Marketing campaigns makes it a valuable tool for Marketing teams. It schedules emails, social media posts, etc. based on set criteria and even facilitates specific actions based on how the user interacts with your Marketing content. 

HubSpot landing pages enable organizations to set up Marketing content and then track how the users interact with them. Its email features help you customize the look and feel of the email. It is also possible to visualize how the emails will look in different client applications. HubSpot tracking code in emails helps to detect whether the users opened the email or ignored them. This information is vital in refining the email content for maximum effect. 

To know more about HubSpot, visit this link.

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Benefits of Vidyard HubSpot Integration

Vidyard is a Cloud-Based Video Content Management software. It helps businesses to:

  • Create videos through camera or screen recording.
  • Edit and optimize them with the call to action and related SEO.
  • Host them through completely managed services.
  • Embed and share them through emails, websites, blogs, etc.

As discussed in the introduction, HubSpot already supports videos in its Marketing content through a partnership with Vidyard. The question then is the need to integrate Vidyard separately if HubSpot video is already powered by Vidyard. The reasons are as below:

  • Functionalities offered by Vidyard help you achieve even more when compared to the HubSpot video. For example, it helps you include advanced calls to action like enabling prospects to book a meeting directly from the video.
  • HubSpot video is mainly for embedding videos directly to HubSpot-created content. Vidyard allows you to embed videos into your other Marketing content like emails, business websites, etc. that are not powered through HubSpot.

Now that you understood how Vidyard is different from the HubSpot video, let us see what can such an integration accomplish for you:

  • HubSpot being a popular choice for Marketing analytics, the integration can help bring the viewer or engagement data into HubSpot for further action.
  • The identifiable video viewers are important leads that should be immediately pursued. The integration will help in automatically creating Leads in HubSpot based on identifiable Vidyard viewers. 

Steps to Set Up Vidyard HubSpot Integration

Vidyard HubSpot integration is achieved through a connector that is provided by Vidyard. All the steps mentioned here are to be completed in your Vidyard admin panel. So far this is only available for paid users of Vidyard with a Team, Business, or Enterprise subscription plan. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to set up Vidyard HubSpot integration:

Step 1: Log in to your Vidyard Account and Search for HubSpot Integration in the Admin Section

The first step in the process of setting up Vidyard HubSpot integration is to go to the Admin section in your Vidyard interface. You will find the available integrations there. 

Admin Section in Vidyard
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Step 2: Configure your HubSpot Integration

Click on HubSpot integration and go to the drop-down menu next to it. Click on configure to start the integration.

Configure Menu in Vidyard
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Step 3: Enter your HubSpot Credentials and Authorize Access to HubSpot

Fill in your HubSpot credentials and authorize access to HubSpot from Vidyard. 

Ensure that ‘Allow contact creation‘ is clicked. This is important for Vidyard to be able to create HubSpot contacts when it can identify a viewer as shown by the below image.

Configuring HubSpot with Vidyard
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Step 4: Completing the Set-Up of Vidyard HubSpot Integration

You will now be able to view your Leads’ Vidyard activity on their timeline.

Setting Up Vidyard HubSpot Integration
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That is all there for the Vidyard HubSpot integration using the integration plug-ins from Vidyard. This Vidyard HubSpot integration helps you to achieve two outcomes:

  • All Vidyard views will now be presented in the Contact timeline in HubSpot.
  • All Vidyard form submissions will now be created as contacts in HubSpot.

Limitations of Setting Up Vidyard HubSpot Integration

The above method of setting up Vidyard HubSpot integration is efficient, however, it has certain limitations. Below are the mentioned limitations:

  1. This kind of integration is available only for customers using the paid account of Vidyard. With Hubspot video powered by Vidward providing most of the basic features, it may not be worthwhile taking the paid version of Vidyard just for this.
  2. This Vidyard HubSpot integration is not flexible enough if you need any kind of transformation on the Vidyard data before analyzing them in HubSpot. While this is a very advanced use case and may not be needed for a beginner, most organizations using these Cloud-Based services will eventually think about having their own analytics system. 


The above integration helps one to get the Vidyard video engagement data and form submissions to HubSpot to act further on it. But this ability is still not a replacement for having a full-fledged data warehouse or having a highly capable analytics service process the data. If you end up having limited by the analytics support in HubSpot or Vidyard and want something more sophisticated, Hevo can help you.

Hevo can extract data from most of the industry-standard data sources including HubSpot. It can then help you get the data into a service or framework of your choice and help unearth deeper insights. 

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Businesses can use automated platforms like Hevo Data to set the integration and handle the ETL process. It helps you directly transfer data from HubSpot for free to a Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence tools, or any other desired destination in a fully automated and secure manner without having to write any code and will provide you a hassle-free experience.

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Share your experience of setting up Vidyard HubSpot integration in the comments section below!

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