Snowflake is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that assists companies in building data warehouses. It runs in the Cloud and gives users the option of storing their data there as well. Snowflake’s infrastructure is incredibly flexible, and it’s compute and storage resources scale well to meet your evolving storage requirements. Snowflake offers various integrations and Wherescape Snowflake Integration is one such Integration.

WhereScape is a data warehouse automation tool which enables agile Data Warehouse delivery. Data Warehouse automation realises economies of scale with a predictable quality level with use of technology and control systems.It allows you to develop, document, deploy, support and maintain the entire data warehouse in one tool instead of many. Wherescape Snowflake Integration enhances the abilities of both platforms in terms of what they offer.

This article gives a guide to Wherescape Snowflake Integration.

Introduction to Snowflake

With the increase in digitization across all facets of the business world, more and more data is being generated and stored. As the reliance of enterprises surges on data-driven decision making, data warehousing and subsequent processing have taken the center stage as an enabler of business growth. Snowflake is a data warehousing platform laying its foundations on cloud computing; established in 2012, Snowflake is primarily software as a service (SaaS), offering cloud-based data analytics and storage services.

More specifically, it is “data warehouse as a service”, letting the corporate clients extract meaningful insights from tons of data to steer the organization based upon data-driven optimal decisions. What makes Snowflake stand out from other data warehouse solutions is that there is no hardware or software involvement (virtual or physical) to select, configure, install and manage. More so, the organization takes complete responsibility for maintenance, management, upgrades, and tunning of the platform to give the best performance results. Serving a variety of clients from almost all the business sectors, Snowflake empowers organizations to deliver a value-added user experience to their customers, thus facilitating customer acquisition and retention. 

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  • Real-Time: Hevo offers real-time data migration. So, your data is always ready for analysis.
  • Schema Management: Hevo can automatically detect the schema of the incoming data and map it to the destination schema.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Hevo has in-built integrations for 100’s of sources that can help you scale your data infrastructure as required.
  • Live Monitoring: Advanced monitoring gives you a one-stop view to watch all the activities that occur within Data Pipelines.
  • Live Support: Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to its customers through chat, email, and support calls.
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Key Features of Snowflake

Snowflake provides a modern data architecture, having a host of innovative features and functionalities, which are discussed as follows:

Cloud Power Agnostic

Snowflake is a cloud-agnostic solution i.e., can easily be integrated with all the cloud service providers: GCP, AWS, and Azure. The best part is that Snowflake retains user experience while switching from one cloud platform to another. It is sort of a plug-n-play solution that can be deployed with current cloud architectures in all or selected domains. 

wherescape snowflake: snowflake architecture
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Being a multi-cluster shared framework, Snowflake segregates the resources for computation and storage. It provides users the flexibility to scale up or down the resources as and when required without any interruption in the services. For ensuring minimal administration, Snowflake has been equipped with auto-scaling and auto-suspension features.

The former provides the functionality of automatically starting or stopping the clusters in case of resource-intensive operations. The latter one can put a brake on the virtual warehouse whenever clusters have been idle for a pre-defined time duration. These features certainly enable scalability, flexibility, efficiency, cost management, and performance optimization for the overall data warehousing solution.

wherescape snowflake: snowflake scalability
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Concurrency & Workload Separability

While the traditional data warehousing schemes are characterized by the users and processes competing for resources, which generally result in concurrency issues, Snowflake’s multi-cluster architecture segregates the workloads to be administered by individual computer clusters, called virtual warehouses. Essentially, requests from one virtual warehouse would never impact the queries from another, hence allowing the running of data analysis operations, reports, and ETL/ELT processing without the competition for resources. 

Near-Zero Administration

As Snowflake is Data Warehouse as a service, it requires very little effort from the client’s database administrators or IT teams in setting up and managing the platform. Without the need for hardware or software configuration, there is no need for indexing the tables and tuning the databases. Software updates are managed by Snowflake’s team and are deployed without any downtime. 


Snowflake offers a host of security features that guarantee the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of the user’s data. Network policies can be administered by whitelisting IPs while multi-factor authentication and SSO support further complement the security architecture. Data access is controlled via a hybrid model of discretionary access control and role-based controls, while subsequent encryption provides a good level of control and flexibility. 

Introduction to Wherescape

As the data grows, it is equally important to automate the data warehousing and processing processes so that the design, development, deployment, and operations of data infrastructures could become more efficient and faster. Wherescape is a data warehouse automation platform that adds significant value to the whole value chain via seamless automation, thus enabling the cloud frameworks to achieve optimal performance results with minimal costs.

Wherescape offers customized solutions in the realms of data warehouse automation, data marts, data vaults, big data, cloud infrastructure, and documentation to deliver accurate information for the enterprises, regardless of the data source type. 

wherescape snowflake: wherescape automation
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Key Features of Wherescape

Characterized by flexibility and performance, Wherescape offers a host of innovative features which are outlined as follows:

Simple Interface & Code Templates

Wherescape offers simple interface and code templates, thus enabling the users to shorten the duration for data development, deployment, and operations. While it stores the architectural design within the metadata, code can instantly be generated thus leading to a seamless population of the project and any changes can further be handled easily. 

Reduced Manual Coding Requirements

Wherescape can automatically configure and develop the SQL codes relevant to the target platform, thus eliminating ~ 95% of the hand-coding requirements. It capitalizes on the platform-related features, thus enhances productivity and eradicates any chances of code inconsistency.

Automated Documentation & Real-Time Tracking

Not only all the documentation can be produced automatically by Wherescape, but it can also incorporate the changes in real-time as per the actions of the users. Having out-of-the-box features like full data source lineage, IT teams can have up-to-date visibility of the data infrastructure.  

Understanding Data Warehouse Automation

A data warehouse is a central repository of an organization’s data that can provide critical business insights. As traditional data warehousing has proven to be slow, manual, complex, and delivers sub-optimal results for the current business needs, data automation comes to the rescue. The Data Warehouse Institute defines automation as:

“…using technology to gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness in data warehousing processes. Data warehouse automation is much more than simply automating the development process. It encompasses all of the core processes of data warehousing including design, development, testing, deployment, operations, impacts analysis, and change management.”

Essentially, data warehouse automation is done via software platforms that incorporate the application of metadata, pattern detection, automated data warehouse designing, pre-installed development wizards & templates, and other advanced warehousing methodologies. Essentially, all the data warehousing life-cycle is automated. 

wherescape snowflake: data warehouse lifecycle
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Steps/Methods for Wherescape Snowflake Integration

Wherescape comes under the umbrella of Snowflake Ready Validated Connectors that can perform Wherescape Snowflake Integration, is passed through Snowflake Ready Technology Validation Program; the Wherescape Snowflake Integration would be seamless (just a click) and optimized for an enhanced user experience. The subject comes under the ETL/ELT/Data Engineering domain and has no version or installation requirements. Wherescape Snowflake automation includes:

  1. Wherescape Migration Express for Wherescape Snowflake Integration
  2. Wherescape 3D for Wherescape Snowflake Integration
  3. Wherescape Data Vault Express for Wherescape Snowflake Integration
  4. Wherescape RED for Wherescape Snowflake Integration

In the GUI of Wherescape, the user could just navigate to the Connections tab on the left side of the screen and select Snowflake to preform Wherescape Snowflake Integration. Once done, all the requisite data can be visualized and yes or “Y” will appear in the Active column on the main screen.

wherescape snowflake: wherescape snowflake integration GUI
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Advantages of using Wherescape Snowflake Automation

Use of Wherescape Snowflake automation can offer a host of advantages for the user organizations, which might include but aren’t limited to:

  • Wherescape Snowflake automation Fast-tracks Snowflake projects by bringing efficiency in every process, starting from design and reaching to the operations. It helps shorten the development life-cycle and can automate 95% of the manual coding efforts.
  • Wherescape Snowflake automation can certainly boost the productivity of the relevant IT Teams as instead of focusing on repetitive and time-intensive frameworks, developers can now shift the attention towards the strategic aspects of data warehousing, and keep a check in the ongoing series of changes to make sure that the data warehouse can fulfill all the informational needs of the organization in the best possible manner. 
  • Wherescape Snowflake automation can enable the synergies amongst the user teams as it closes the relevant collaboration gaps; the analytics solutions can be tailored according to the requirements, while multiple iterations of testing and prototyping can be performed with the associated business users on-board to solidify the development for meeting the specific data needs. 
wherescape snowflake: digital transformation
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Essential Considerations to Keep in Mind while using Wherespace Snowflake Integrations

  • Snowflake is a cloud-agnostic technology while Wherescape automation adds a lot of value and agility to the data warehousing frameworks but if an enterprise is shifting from on-premise to cloud infrastructure, a few key areas would need review which includes authorization policies, user-management, data loading principles, sandbox configurations, codebase, and ETL frameworks. 
  • A lot of many features are enabled by the Wherescape Snowflake Integration but it can sometimes invoke confusion as to how to position the Snowflake for the best possible outcomes. Enterprises should let the usage patterns drive the data models, as it will enable the business applications to fully leverage the data assets. 
  • Although Snowflake adapts seamlessly to various configurations, yet enterprises should lay particular focus on use-cases of data loading, future applications, and ETL tooling to capitalize the synergies of Snowflake and Wherescape and eliminate any processing bottlenecks. 


Delivering value to the end customers is the hallmark of a successful business; data plays a key role in achieving the objective. Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that enables organizations to extract meaningful insights from the data while utilizing the same for enhancing the customer experience and ensuring business growth. At the same time, Whaerescape Snowflake Integration can unleash the true power of data analytics while providing optimization, value creation, efficiency, and effectiveness at the same time.

The synergic effect of Wherescape Snowflake integration can completely transform the business outlook while guaranteeing higher ROIs and strategic depth, as far as a competitive advantage is concerned.

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