Wix HubSpot Integration: 7 Easy Steps

Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Wix HubSpot Integration

Hubspot is an all-in-one cloud-based application suite for Marketing, Sales, and Service management. It helps organizations to manage their marketing content, acquire leads and manage customer relationships. Hubspot can help you analyze how your business website is enabling customer interaction. With most businesses opting for completely managed website builders these days, this facility is key to refining the marketing content published on your website. Wix is a popular website builder software that helps people set up websites without coding. This post is about establishing Wix HubSpot Integration in great detail. It also gives a brief introduction to Wix and HubSpot before diving into Wix HubSpot Integration.

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Introduction to HubSpot

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Hubspot can help market products and services through popular digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It also helps in monitoring how the users interact with the marketing content and report based on them. For example, Hubspot can help one create landing pages, email templates, etc. Landing pages can be designed through intuitive user interfaces provided by Hubspot. It can also help in visualizing how the emails will be displayed in different application clients. 

Landing pages created using Hubspot provides the ability to monitor how users interact with them. The emails also provide vital information like email open rate, ignore rate, etc. Data collected through these features can then be analyzed using Hubspot’s analytics features. Such close monitoring and measurements will help marketers refine their communication for maximum impact and reachability.

Introduction to Wix

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Wix is a simplified website builder service that can help set up all kinds of business as well as personal websites. It supports everything from blogs to music, gallery, eCommerce storefront, booking websites, etc. Wix has an intuitive design panel that helps users build websites based on more than 500 templates that it provides. Wix designs are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Wix websites are optimized for search engine optimization and come with many SEO tools, customizable meta tags, etc.

Wix also offers a development platform, in case customers are not satisfied with building websites based on templates. Wix Velo helps users to customize everything about the websites through an interactive built-in IDE. Wix websites are completely managed and host by Wix. So the customers do not have to bother about setting up infrastructure or maintaining them. Wix also provides many professional features like mailboxes, contact management, chat support, custom domain name, etc. 

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Understanding the Importance of Wix HubSpot Integration

Most businesses build their websites using completely managed website builder software like Wix. While Wix is an intuitive way to build great-looking websites, its core strength is not marketing analytics. Hubspot on the other hand is well known for its marketing analytics features for content that is published through its services. The need for integrating Hubspot with Wix arises because then you get the best of both worlds. This will help businesses market their content through Wix’s great-looking websites and analyze how their audience interacts with it through Hubspot. Once the lead is converted to a customer, organizations can continue the relationship with the customer through Hubspot’s customer relationship management service. 

Now that we have established the requirement for integrating Hubspot and Wix, let us create the wishlist for this integration. To analyze how the target audience interacts with the website, the page view data from the website must reach Hubspot. Most websites have a contact form in the website for interested users to request assistance. Ideal integration should automatically create contacts in Hubspot when someone fills the contact form. Any user-identifiable action is a good candidate for creating contacts in Hubspot. Let us now check how the integration can be done and how much of this is possible.

Understanding the Steps Involved in Wix HubSpot Integration

Wix Hubspot Integration is implemented via code injection by default. This means a small snippet of code provided by Hubspot must be pasted in your Wix content to enable Hubspot’s access to page view data. Let’s go through the steps of implementing this.

  • Step 1: Go to Hubspot and click on the gear icon to access the settings page.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 1
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  • Step 2: Now click the tracking code section on the Settings page.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 2
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  • Step 3: You will be shown a screen where the Hubspot tracking code can be found. Copy the tracking code from the Hubspot account and go to your Squarespace admin panel.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 3
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  • Step 4: Navigate to Site Manager in the Wix Admin panel and go to the Tracking and Analytics section.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 4
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  • Step 5: Click on the Custom link and paste the tracking code. You can provide a meaningful name for the integration.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 5
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  • Step 6: In the ‘Add Code to Pages’ section, select ‘Load code on each new page’. For the ‘Place Code in’ section, select ‘Body-end’.
Wix HubSpot Integration Step 6
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  • Step 7: Click Apply. Your Wix Hubspot Integration is now complete.

Limitations of Using Code Injection for Wix HubSpot Integration

While the steps to implement Wix HubSpot Integration were very easy to complete, it does not give us the most perfect Wix HubSpot integration. Let us now take a look at the limitations of using Code Injection for Wix HubSpot Integration.

  • The Wix HubSpot Integration only helps you in getting the page view data to Hubspot. It does not automatically create contacts on contact form filling. For this, you will have to use third-party integration utilities or implement your solution.
  • This Wix HubSpot Integration approach is one-sided. You can only take Wix data to Hubspot. As of now, it is not possible to publish content from Hubspot directly to Wix.
  • This Wix HubSpot Integration approach does not allow any kind of transformation to the data before it reaches Hubspot. Such requirements are typically found in advanced use cases. 


The above Wix HubSpot integration helps you to analyze the user interaction patterns on your Wix website using Hubspot. While it does not support advanced analytics use cases, it helps you refine your marketing content by exploiting basic analytics. 

This post is about establishing Wix HubSpot Integration in great detail. It also gives a brief introduction to Wix and HubSpot before diving into Wix HubSpot Integration.

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