Setting up WooCommerce Etsy Integration Simplified 101

Manisha Jena • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022

Launching your business online has numerous advantages such as wider audience reach, 24/7 availability of your products to customers, cost-effectiveness, etc. Whether you own a traditional ‘’mortar and brick” shop or decided to start a new business, you would need an easy-to-use E-commerce solution that helps you sell your products online along with freight tracking, stats on web traffic, and a fluent payment process system. Etsy is a popular Online Marketplace that assists vendors connect with their customers to sell vintage items, handmade goods, art, and crafts.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is an industry leader at helping users set up their online stores with ease. It is one of the most widely used E-Commerce Store Builders that functions over WordPress. As a result, WooCommerce Etsy integration can be highly beneficial.

In this article, you will gain information about WooCommerce Etsy Integration. You will also gain a holistic understanding of WooCommerce, Etsy, their key features, and the steps involved in setting up WooCommerce Etsy Integration. Read along to find out in-depth information about WooCommerce Etsy Migration.

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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Etsy: WooCommerce Logo
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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that adds basic E-Commerce functionality to your WordPress website. It’s a perfect solution to quickly start your E-Commerce website or online store in no time. The best thing about WooCommerce is that it’s free to use. This open-source plugin supports most themes available for WordPress. Around 90% of E-Commerce websites on WordPress use the WooCommerce plugin. It’s an easy-to-use plugin that doesn’t require any coding to manage an E-Commerce website. 

WooCommerce is not only limited to E-Commerce products functionality. It also offers “Payment” services, “Add to cart” feature, “Shipment” services, and “Dynamic Pricing” on the websites. Further, it is compatible with small to large-scale E-Commerce sites or stores. To add more functionalities to WooCommerce, one can download WooCommerce extensions from its marketplace.

It also features Reporting and Data Analytics to get an overview of the performance of the E-Commerce site. The customizable dashboards and advanced segmenting tools add more value to it. 

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Key Features of WooCommerce

WooCommerece made it easier for every business to sell products and services online. It comes with many features and is still in the development of new updates.

Some of the key features of WooCommerce are as follows:

1) SEO Friendly

To build a successful online business, one needs good hands-on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WooCommerce works on WordPress that adds more value to your website by default.

2) Smooth Integrations

WooCommerce can easily integrate with most Advertising services and Data Analysis tools to effectively run your Marketing Campaigns.

3) Local Customization

Your business may target customers for a particular region. WooCommerce is flexible to change currency, language, units.

 4) Dynamic Price

WooCommerce automates the process of tax calculations and shipping prices based on the region.

What is Etsy?

WooCommerce Etsy Integration - Etsy Logo
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Etsy is a brilliant E-Commerce platform for buying and selling handmade and vintage goods. Launched in 2005, this Online Marketplace is a perfect platform for individual creators, artists, and collectors dealing with a wide variety of items such as jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor, and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools. Supporting more than 4.3 million sellers with 81.9 million active buyers, Etsy has simplified the selling process for independent business owners.

Apart from being an Online store for your goods, it also offers features to efficiently manage inventory, order tracking, etc. Customers can search through the website based on several categories with personalized recommendations. You can choose over a number of payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit, & debit cards, etc, or even pay through country-specific installment methods. Sellers also have control over their shipping process and can select from several shipping methods.  

Key Features of Etsy

Some of the key features of Etsy are as follows:

1) Community Connection and Customer Response

Etsy links you to a community of like-minded craftsmen and buyers, both in-app and on the web. Because the bulk of your customers are already on Etsy, you don’t need to advertise.

Buyers can also private message sellers via the platform with any queries they may have, making it simple to answer to customers immediately.

2) Internal Analytics That Empower Sellers

Etsy has its own analytics, which it shares with each seller. It records all of your orders, revenue, individuals who love your things, and visitors to your store and listings. However, this requires a significant amount of setup, and depending on your site platform, the analytics tool you want to use may not integrate effectively, or the tool that comes with the site platform may not be as comprehensive as you would want.

Regardless of the platform, the sense of empowerment that Etsy gives motivates sellers to return, analyze their statistics, and sell more.

3) Useful Search Engine and SEO Options

Etsy is SEO-friendly. Consumers can quickly identify your items when they search in the platform if you optimize the titles of your listings with the product description. You may also optimize based on the keywords customers use to locate your items. Etsy also offers promoted listings, which is a good alternative if you want to boost a certain item. 

4) Sellers Get Feedback to Improve

You can check which items have received the most page views on Etsy. This is an excellent indicator of the products consumers want, allowing you to build similar items.

5) Easy Logistics That Help Customers and Sellers

Not only does Etsy have an impressive analytics section but they also make the logistics portion of your business extremely easy. Based on the weight and dimensions of your items, Etsy will customize a shipping cost for each buyer. Consumers can choose a shipping method and speed that they prefer and after an item is purchased, you can print a shipping label and product invoice right from the platform. Once a label is printed it will send tracking information to your buyer, creating a great customer experience.

6) App Integration

Etsy features an app created particularly for sellers. The app is incredibly user-friendly, and you can monitor all of your store analytics, listings, orders, answer customer inquiries, and update your shop settings directly from the app.

7) Supportive, Educational Content

Etsy has put out a seller handbook to guide you. It covers everything from photography and how to effectively represent your brand to growth strategies and price assistance.

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Understanding WooCommerce Etsy Integration

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You can integrate your WooCommerce Store with the Etsy Marketplace with the WooCommerce Etsy integration. The extension makes it possible to handle activities between the store and the marketplace in a consolidated manner. Sellers can automate the process of synchronizing prices, orders, inventories, etc between WooCommerce stores and the Etsy marketplace. Users can also improve the Seller experience by automating work with all of the flexible offers available. It also keeps you up to date on all the activities on the Etsy marketplace via email alerts delivered to you via the WooCommerce store.

After installing the plugin, the seller can add Etsy Categories and dependent attributes to the WooCommerce store and begin optimizing the selling process.

Key Features of WooCommerce Etsy Integration

Some of the key features of WooCommerce Etsy Integration are as follows:

1) One-click Authorization

By simply entering your Etsy shop name into the Etsy Integration for WooCommerce extension, you can gain instant access to your Etsy Store with one-click authorization.

2) Automated and Simplified Listings

With a single click, you can bulk-upload your WooCommerce listings on Etsy Store and establish separate inventory rules, price plans, shipping options, or listing information.

3) Profile-Based Product Upload

You can upload your product items to Etsy based on their categories and attributes so that buyers can easily navigate through them, thus increasing your product visibility.

4) Centralized Order Management

You can manage all of your orders in one place. The Etsy integration for WooCommerce allows you to manage orders for product items you sell on Etsy directly in your WooCommerce orders section.

5) Real-time and Regular Synchronization of Data

You can increase your conversion rate by attracting more customers to your items via the Etsy marketplace. You can even maintain and keep track of inventory and orders on your WooCommerce store to minimize overselling.

6) Shipping Profiles

WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Shipping Profiles
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You can automate your shipping process with the Etsy integration for the WooCommerce plugin by effortlessly setting a shipping profile on Etsy and using it when uploading your product items.

How to Set up WooCommerce Etsy Integration?

Once you have completed the above process, you can start accomplishing the integration, the first mandatory step that needs to be taken by the admin is to complete the Configuration.

To do the Configuration

  • Step 1: Log in to your WooCommerce account.
  • Step 2: For doing the Configuration, go to your WooCommerce admin panel which is in the left navigation.
  • Step 3: Now, under the CedCommerce option, click on the “Etsy” option.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Etsy Section
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  • Step 4: For adding the Etsy account, click on the “Add Account” button present at the top left.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Add Account
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  • Step 5: A pop-up will appear where you need to provide the details to authorize your Etsy account. Enter your Etsy shop name here. It must be exactly the same as on Etsy.
  • Step 6: Click on the “Authorize” button.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Authorization
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  • Step 7: Now, you will be redirected towards the Etsy seller login page. Enter the login credentials of the seller i.e., Email Id and password. And click on the “Sign In” button.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Sign in Credentials
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  • Step 8: Now, click on the “Save and Continue” button.
  • Step 9: In the Add Account section, enter the shop name and hit the “Authorize” button.
  • Step 10: A page will appear that will ask permission for the application, CedCommerce to connect to your account. Click on the “Allow Access” button.
  • Step 11: Now, you can see the Shop Name, Shop ID, and Shop Username. Click on the “Configure” button.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration: Configure
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  • Step 12: You can also delete your account by simply selecting the checkbox placed before the specific Shop Name and selecting the “Delete” button from the drop-down.

For further information on setting up WooCommerce Etsy Integration, you can follow the Official Documentation.


In this article, you have learned about WooCommerce Etsy Integration. This article also provided information on WooCommerce, Etsy, their key features, and the steps involved in setting up WooCommerce Etsy Integration.

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