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Nicholas Samuel • Last Modified: January 13th, 2023

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Most businesses are leaving physical shops for online stores. This can be attributed to the fact that businesses can reach a wider audience online than offline. An eCommerce site is very important for any online seller. It provides online sellers with a platform where they can showcase their products to potential buyers and run transactions. 

WordPress is one of the most preferred Content Management systems for building eCommerce sites. It is easy to use and customize WordPress sites to meet the kind of appearance that you desire. WordPress eCommerce Plugins will make it even easier for you to set up your online store and manage your sales. They allow you to change the appearance of your store, perform integration with other apps, make and receive payments, and more. Choosing the right WordPress eCommerce Plugin will create an opportunity for your business to grow. In this article, you will be walked through the best WordPress eCommerce Plugins that you should consider. 

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Introduction to WordPress eCommerce Plugins

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WordPress eCommerce Plugins, as the name suggests, are the add ons for your eCommerce site to enhance its features and expand its functionality. There are both free and paid WordPress eCommerce Plugins available in the market. WordPress eCommerce Plugin Directory houses 1000s of free plugins and commercial plugins, ready to use.

WordPress has full-time support staff and developers who work to ensure that the Plugins are secure and compatible with the newest version of WordPress. They help you with any technical issues with the Plugins as well as with other themes. Most of the time, WordPress eCommerce Plugins work well with WordPress, however, there are times when a plugin’s code gets in the way of another plugin, causing compatibility concerns. It’s comforting to know that if something goes wrong with a paid plugin, you’ll have access to assistance. That is one of the perks of using paid WordPress eCommerce Plugins over the free Plugins.

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Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

The following are the best WordPress eCommerce Plugins (in no particular order) that you should consider adding to your eCommerce store:

1) OptinMonster

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OptinMonster is a Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization tool for eCommerce sites. This means that it can help you to move your site visitors to take the actions that you want. 

OptinMonster WordPress eCommerce plugin allows you to create conversion campaigns like Floating Bars, Popups, Fullscreen Welcome Mats, and more. It has 50+ templates and a drag & drop builder that makes it easy to use by non-technical users.

Key Features of OptinMonster

Some of the key features offered by OptionMonster include:

  • Turning abandoning visitors into leads.
  • Visitors follow up. 
  • Ability to create special offers to target repeat customers.
  • Creating custom browser cookies depending on customers’ demographic data for targeted campaigns.

For more information on OptinMonster, click here.

2) WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is a free WordPress eCommerce platform that offers great flexibility and customization. It is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce plugins to help you get started with your online store and approximately 30% of all online sites use WooCommerce. It also makes it easy for sellers to create online stores, whether they are selling digital or physical goods.

Key Features of WooCommerce

Some of the key features offered by WooCommerce include:

  • Themes and extensions for adding new features to your eCommerce stores such as inventory management, cart abandonment, and more. 
  • Allows affiliate marketers to add affiliate links or external products to your WordPress eCommerce site. 
  • Support for popular payment gateways, plus the ability to add other payment options via extensions. 
  • The automated calculation for shipping costs, taxes, and other expenses.

For more information on WooCommerce, click here.

3) Shopify

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Shopify is a Cloud-Hosted solution to help you get started with selling online with ease. It only requires you to sign up and get started. You won’t have to focus on setting up different payment gateways, securing the site, or handling shipping or taxes. Shopify will handle all these for you. It is an all-in-one solution without hassles. Shopify also has a plugin that can help you to create a WordPress site and manage content for driving sales. 

Key Features of Shopify

Some of the key features offered by Shopify include:

  • Support for both physical and digital products. 
  • Integration with many apps. 
  • Has a bulk importer, inventory editor, and an order tracker that makes inventory tracking easy. 
  • Multiple shipping options and direct integrations with popular shipping providers like USPS, making order fulfillment easy. 
  • Support for different payment options, allowing you to, accept credit cards online.

For more information on Shopify, click here.

4) BigCommerce

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This is an eCommerce solution that helps businesses to sell online. Its WordPress eCommerce Plugin supports seamless integration with WordPress. This means that although it is a Stand-Alone platform, you can still integrate it with WordPress. It offers enterprise-grade security, scalability, and high performance.

Key Features of BigCommerce

Some of the key features offered by BigCommerce include:

  • Keeps the eCommerce engine separate from the other content, making it easy for you to run your WordPress site. 
  • Ability to sell on other channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon. 
  • Offers multiple shipping and fulfillment options.  
  • Support for top payment gateways with no transaction charges. 
  • 80+ responsive templates to help you design and develop your storefronts.

For more information on BigCommerce, click here.

5) All in One SEO

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The purpose of the WordPress eCommerce plugin is to ensure that your website content is optimized for SEO. This helps you to drive more traffic to your site and make more sales. Although most website owners spend a lot of time optimizing their sites for SEO, the All in One SEO Plugin makes the process user-friendly.

Key Features of All in One SEO

Some of the key features offered by All in One SEO include:

  • Social media integrations. 
  • Website content and on-site SEO Analysis. 
  • Headline analyzer. 
  • Snippet review that shows you how a page will appear in the search results. 
  • Technical SEO features such as schema markups, robots.txt, and sitemaps. 
  • SEO score, site audit, and optimization recommendations.

For more information on All in One SEO, click here.

6) Easy Digital Downloads

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Easy Digital Downloads is a Lightweight WordPress eCommerce Plugin that makes it easy for you to sell your products online. It gives you everything necessary for you to sell online.

Key Features of Easy Digital Downloads

Some of the key features offered by Easy Digital Downloads include:

  • Ability to work with all WordPress themes, even those specifically designed and developed for the plugin. 
  • Multiple extensions to help you add more features to your eCommerce site, including payment gateways.

For more information on Easy Digital Downloads, click here.

7) WP Simple Pay

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WP Simple Pay WordPress eCommerce plugin provides its users with a way to accept One-Time and Recurring Payments on their WordPress eCommerce sites, saving them from the need to set up a complex shopping cart system. It is good for collecting payments for services, selling single products, and accepting donations. 

WP Simple Pay supports credit card payments, ACH debit payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. The Plugin also has multi-language and currency support.

Key Features of WP Simple Pay 

Some of the key features offered by WP Simple Pay include:

  • Drag & drop payment form builder with custom fields. 
  • Discounts with coupon codes. 
  • Easy payment collection for beginners. 
  • Ability to accept both one-time and recurring payments like subscriptions, installment plans, and trial periods.

For more information on WP Simple Pay, click here.

Those are the top WordPress eCommerce Plugins that you should consider. 


The article introduced you to WordPress eCommerce Plugins. It provided you with a brief introduction to the best WordPress eCommerce Plugins available in the market. Furthermore, you can explore more of Hevo Data for Automated Integration. Hevo Data supports 100+ data sources (including 40+ free data sources) for integration. It is hassle-free, easy to operate, and does not require any technical background.

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