Activity Log – Hevo’s One-Step Watch

Rajashree • Last Modified: December 28th, 2022

Activity Log on Hevo

Introducing Activity Log

As a growing team, you would have multiple hands on deck trying to set-up the data infrastructure for analytics. With more people using an array of tools to build individual systems, it can often get chaotic to track tasks, user activities, and data flow.

This is even truer when building a large number of complex Data Pipelines (to seamlessly move data from a source to destination) and Models (perform join and aggregates on data for faster analytics) are involved. With multiple sources and destinations to connect to, monitoring Data Pipelines, Data Models, and User activity becomes imperative for Hevo Users.

Hevo’s Activity Log provides a one-stop view to watch all the activity that occurs within your account related to pipelines, models, destinations. Admins can use this audit trail to get visibility into activities that happened in the past at the user level. You can use this granular level control to better monitor the data flow within the application.

From failure at any stage in your pipeline to the successful executions, from ingesting data to syncing it in the destination, creating a model to its execution and failure all of them are captured. Any activity done anywhere is recorded for you (this includes the activities of the Hevo Bot too. Wink).

Activity Logs are documented in reverse chronological order and come attached to each Data Pipeline and Data Model. With the advanced filters available, you can choose to view specific logs of your interest by user, by severity or by time.

Activity Log on Hevo

Log of all activities on Pipelines, Models, and Destinations

With Activity Log, we want to remove all the hardships involved in monitoring and auditing Data Pipelines and Models on Hevo. What are your thoughts on the Activity Log? Let us know in comments.

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