How AI will transform Business Intelligence?

on Analytics • May 1st, 2018 • Write for Hevo

90% of the world’s data has been generated over just the last two years. Data has exploded way faster than the evolution of the human ability to understand and comprehend this data.

Even the Business Intelligence tools designed to help people make sense of this data have been outpaced by the rapid growth of data itself. For people who are not aware of what Business Intelligence tools are – they are the software systems designed to help businesses make sense of their data and help its employees make better decisions.

Though Business Intelligence tools are supposed to help users make better decisions – the reality is far from this. Majority of the current set of BI tools have largely remained a fancy set of charts and dashboards – with little or no intelligence.

The number of technical skills required to work with these tools has left the business users helpless. The only tool at their disposal is Excel – unfortunately, that is how it has been for decades. It is like going to a war with a kitchen knife as your main weapon.

Isn’t the technology supposed to make things easier for humans than make this harder by compelling them to learn complex tools and technologies?

In lots of cases, technology is changing the human life for good – driverless cars are soon going to be a reality and one can simply ask Amazon Echo to get groceries delivered home.

However, when it comes to working with data within businesses, things are like in the 90’s.

Thankfully, the change is around the corner – Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the way we humans work with information at our workplace.

People are spending countless hours trying to sniffle through tons of data to find out what is not going well in their business and where the next big opportunity is hidden.

With AI, the way we work with data is going to change. Soon, we will have AI-powered intelligent systems that will scan through all the information from multiple sources present in various formats, infer the good, bad and the ugly, and then notify the right stakeholders within the organization so that they can act at the right time.

People will no longer have to go through 100s of charts and confusing dashboards to see what is important and relevant right now.

The future of BI would be AI-powered and the language of the communication would be conversational – the language humans understand.

Every person in the company – a C-level executive to the person working at the operating level – will receive real-time inputs about what should they know. The new age Data Intelligent systems would monitor and analyze every single data point that is being generated within and outside the company.

The system then determines what insight would be relevant and important for which individual in the company and further informs these people in real-time, enabling them to take the right decision at the right time.

This new generation of intelligent applications would also mark the end of Enterprise Software as we know today.

Future of BI with AI - Hevo

The future of Business Intelligence

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