Hevo solved one of my core needs - getting complex data transformations done on the fly with ease. Quick integrations with complete flexibility and control makes Hevo a perfect complement to our data engineering team.

Swati Singhi
Lead Data Engineer

With Hevo, the process of bringing data, no matter what source or format, has become simpler and error-free. Our analysts are now busy building models and deriving insights instead of worrying about data availability

Vivek Garg
Lead, Data Engineering

Hevo is very flexible compared to other tools. It allows us to handle all exceptions and custom use cases effortlessly. This ensures our data moves seamlessly from all sources to Redshift, enabling us to do so much more with it.

Chushul Suri
Head of Data Analytics

We had data in a variety of places like MySQL, Drive, MongoDB. Hevo helped us swiftly migrate this data into Redshift at lightening speed. Moreover, Hevo's Models feature allowed us to quickly create materialized views and data models over our data.

Ajith Reddy
Head of Technology

Hevo is super quick to get going. Within minutes the data was flowing from a couple of sources to Redshift. Extensive documentation and a prompt support makes going live a breeze.

Gaurav Gupta
VP Technology

Hevo has helped us build data pipelines from various sources and transform data on the fly, without having to worry about API changes at the source. It even has the ability to schedule ETL jobs that support DAGs! All that coupled with amazing support makes Hevo a powerful tool that we depend on here at Fave and it has allowed us to move away from our in-house ETL tool.

Aiyas Aboobakar
Data Engineer
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